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Chanel dresses 1922-1928

Chanel (1922–28): dresses that belonged to Princess Emilia Altieri, donated by her niece, Princess Domietta del Drago.

Dress photos

Fashion in Italy - 150 years of elegance

A journey through Italian style from 1861 to this day, from the women of the Risorgimento to Futurist artists, from divas of cinema to contemporary designers.
Date: 2011-09-17

This extraordinary, unprecedented and unique event on the history of Italian fashion on the occasion of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Italy’s Unification, is an idea conceived more than two years ago by Alberto Vanelli, the Director of Venaria Reale, and Dino Trappetti, President of Fondazione Tirelli Trappetti: the event that opened on September 17th, 2011 (until January 8th, 2012) is presented in the new Rooms of the Arts of the restored Reggia di Venaria, one of the five[...]



Date: 2022-10-11

Pablo Picasso and Gabrielle Chanel worked together on two occasions, both with Jean Cocteau: on Antigone (1922), and on Serge Diaghilev’s Le Train Bleu (1924) for his Ballets russes. The artist and fashion designer first met in the spring of 1917, probably through Cocteau or Misia Sert, and Chanel became close and long-lasting friends with both, who introduced her to the Picasso’s circle. She socialised with the artist and his wife at a time when he was actively involved with Diaghilev’s[...]