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Costumes for "Oreste" by Visconti - Gassman, Morelli, Borboni

Costumes for Orestes, designed by Mario Chiari in 1949 and made by Sartoria Marta Palmer for Luchino Visconti’s theatre company.
From left: costume for Clytemnestra, worn by Paola Borboni, in black and red taffeta embroidered with sequins and decorated with black feathers; costume for Orestes, worn by Vittorio Gassman, in gold taffeta, embroidered with red and fuchsia sequins and decorated with multicoloured feathers; costume for Electra, worn by Rina Morelli, in dove-grey taffeta, embroidered with sequins in the same colour and decorated with feathers.
Donated by Luchino Visconti

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