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Jean Patou's vest belonged to Marlene Dietrich

​Maison Jean Patou (1920): waistcoat embroidered with gold glass tubules, that belonged to Marlene Dietrich.
She herself gave it to Umberto Tirelli during a dinner with Jean-Claude Brialy in Spring 1982.

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Jean Patou

We owe more to this elegant, dashing man, who lived in the fast lane, than we realise. The woman he dressed, made up, and perfumed hasn’t aged a bit. And nor has he, a designer who died too young, a perfect gentleman of his time. Jean Patou had what it takes. Slim and trim, the man looked good and he knew it. America called him “the most elegant man in Europe”. His appeal was a given. He had regular facial features, grey eyes, the trace of a smile. His voice was deep and firm, ...