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The Age of Innocence

House dress in silk satin teal floral pink, blue, mauve and yellow gold. The bottom skirt draped on the hips, rests on a high ruffle pleated, marked at the bottom of satin ribbons orange.

All the dress is embellished by very light ivory lace authentic. Traine.

Time of setting: 1880.

Costume worn by Michelle Pfeiffer.

Dress photos
Photos from the set

Gabriella Pescucci




L'atelier degli Oscar

Date: 2009-04-29

Close your eyes and try to relive a scene from a great costume drama. Almost certainly at least one of the characters that will pop into your mind will be wearing a Tirelli costume. This is quite easy to do considering that the great Roman atelier, founded in the sixties by Umberto Tirelli, the talented “creator of costumes and fashion archaeologist”, according to Guido Vergagni’s definition, “dressed” the stars of at least thirty films that, not purely by chance, won[...]