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Heath Ledger: A Life In Pictures

Explore a selection of film costumes and props, Heath’s own character research journals, celebrity portraits and acting awards, and more.
Rare objects on display include:
    •    Research journals with hand-written notes, kept by Heath to prepare for roles such as the Joker in The Dark Knight
    •    Original costumes from his films including The Dark Knight and Brokeback Mountain 
    •    His Academy Award and BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actor for The Dark Knight
    •    Two of Heath’s motorcycles and several of his photo cameras
    •    A wide range of images, including Heath’s own photographic work
    •    Portraits by several renowned photographers, including Karin Catt, Frances Andrijich, Platon and Anthony Amos
    •    A diverse selection of objects reflecting Heath’s personal interests, ranging from chess to photography, music videos and directing.
Curated in collaboration with his family, Heath Ledger: A Life in Pictures offers a rare insight into the man behind the camera.

Photo: Karin Catt.

Costume designer: Pescucci Gabriella