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Exhibitions and events

Past exhibitions and events
TIRELLI 50 - The Wardrobe of Dreams
The book presents a portrait of Tirelli with the history of his apprenticeship and his passion not only...READ MORE

Past exhibitions and events

Boldini and Fashion

“Boldini knew how to reproduce that dazzling feeling women wish to create when they are seen in their best moments.” With these words, Cecil Beaton, one of the most famous fashion photographers of the 20th century, acknowledged the talent of the Ferrarese painter in portraying the voluptuous elegance of the cosmopolitan elite of the Belle Époque, for knowing how to glorify their...READ MORE


Exposer Sergio Leone, sa vie et ses films inextricablement liés, c'est éprouver la formidable puissance d'un imaginaire cinématographique et suivre le destin d'un petit Romain du Trastevere qui aura beaucoup joué aux cowboys et aux Indiens avant de transformer les règles et les codes du western pour conquérir le vaste monde. À L'OUEST,...READ MORE