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Exhibitions and events

Past exhibitions and events
L'Arte della Moda

Past exhibitions and events

RoMaison 2020

Rome, an extraordinary Maison: the archives and creations of its costume studios

Rome becomes part of fashion’s modern history with the Romaison 2020 project. Until 29th November, the Ara Pacis Museum is hosting an exhibition featuring archives and creations from Rome’s foremost costume design studios, blending tradition and experimentation, where inspiration continuously reinvents the concept of clothing. ROMAISON 2020 is the first edition of a project that has...READ MORE


Famous Gowns of the Silver Screen - Museum Gustaf 26.9.2020—10.1.2021

Awarded costumes of Rome legendary costume house Tirelli Costumi from classic motion pictures and theatre. Since 1950s, the economic growth, development of the film industry and major international productions generated theatre and film costume houses who combined creativity with Italy’s high quality craftsmanship. One of them is Tirelli Costumi, whose costumes have brought to Italy numerous...READ MORE