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Exhibitions and events

Past exhibitions and events
L'Arte della Moda

Past exhibitions and events

Fashion in Italy - 150 years of elegance

A journey through Italian style from 1861 to this day, from the women of the Risorgimento to Futurist artists, from divas of cinema to contemporary designers.

This extraordinary, unprecedented and unique event on the history of Italian fashion on the occasion of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Italy’s Unification, is an idea conceived more than two years ago by Alberto Vanelli, the Director of Venaria Reale, and Dino Trappetti, President of Fondazione Tirelli Trappetti: the event that opened on September 17th, 2011 (until January 8th,...READ MORE

L'atelier degli Oscar

Close your eyes and try to relive a scene from a great costume drama. Almost certainly at least one of the characters that will pop into your mind will be wearing a Tirelli costume. This is quite easy to do considering that the great Roman atelier, founded in the sixties by Umberto Tirelli, the talented “creator of costumes and fashion archaeologist”, according to Guido Vergagni’s...READ MORE